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Use these KEVA Brain Builders to train your brain to turn 2-dimensional diagrams into 3-dimensional reality. The 2-D cards show the design from different angles highlighting the front, side and overhead view and increase in difficulty from beginner to expert. Use problem solving to manipulate the KEVA planks to successfully duplicate the balance, proportion, composition and geometry featured on each card. As each build becomes more challenging, patience and confidence is gained through trial and error. Time to put your 3D imagination to the test!

To get a better understanding of the suggested activities to be done with this kit, click the view additional image link to the left.

Recommended Ages: 4+ (Junior set of cards) and 7+ (Regular set of cards)

*This kit is a good complement to our Contraptions exhibit.

In this Kit: Approx 300 durable KEVA planks, 2 (Junior and Regular) sets of full-color double-sided cards (30 cards each set).

For a complete list of the materials provided in this kit, please click the view additional file link to the left.