Pillbug Project Overdue

Because they are found just about everywhere, pillbugs, or roly-polies, are easily observed. These harmless creatures are isopods, related to lobsters, crabs, and crayfish, and are fascinating to study. This discovery kit contains everything needed to raise pillbugs except the pillbugs themselves, which can be found in abundance under rocks, logs, or damp debris in yards and schoolgrounds.
To better understand the suggested activities to be done with this kit, view additional image link to the left.
Recommended Audience: Ages 4-12
*This kit is a nice complement to our Creepy Crawly exhibit.
In this kit: a 14" long x 8" wide x 6" tall observation container (with a perforated lid with access ports), The Pillbug Project, plenty of bark pieces for hiding, a bag of appropriate pillbug substrate materials for them to crawl around in, and magnifying glasses, and an activity guide. This kit is best used as part of longer STEM activity that unfolds over several days/ weeks.
**You will have to collect your own pillbugs!