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Simple machines by themselves have few or no moving parts. They help us to push, pull and lift. Simple machines are powered by muscle, not gasoline or electricity and they make work easier; this is called mechanical advantage. Use this kit to explore six types of simple machines that are common in every day use: the wedge, the lever, inclined planes, screws, wheels and axles, and the pulley.
To better understand the suggested activities to be done with this kit, view additional image link to left.
Recommened Audience: All
*This kit is a nice complement to our Simple Machines Exhibit (coming soon)
In this kit: Wedge apparatus, Lever apparatus, Inclined Plane apparatus, Screw apparatus, Wheel and Axle apparatus, Pulley appratus, small spring scale, complete set of weights, rulers, protractors, activity guides and reference materials.
For a complete list of the materials provided in this kit, view additional file to the left.