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NOTE: This kit was revised in Aug 2019.
Learn about the anatomy of insects. Look at the “bugs” in the Insect or Not slide deck and determine which of them are insects and which are not. Examine each of the specimens provided using magnifying glasses; identify each specimen using the materials provided. Then, compare and contrast each specimen. Armed with new knowledge, go on an outing. Look for different types of bugs. Examine insects under the microscope provided.
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Recommended Audience: Ages 4-8
*This kit is a nice complement to our Creepy Crawly exhibit.
In this kit: 16 boxed specimens containing 14 individual specimens and 2 lifecycles; 1 framed butterfly display; 1 framed arthropod discplay; 4 magnifying glasses; 1 Shinco microscope; 12 prepared slides. Insects by George McGavin, Insect Parts worksheet, Crawler Identification Sheet, and activity guides.
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