Crazy Circuits Due 4/10/2020

Create your own electronics projects in minutes with Crazy Circuits! The components included provide learners with a hands-on experience designing and building circuits that simulate circuits in their world. This kit allows learners to test ideas with a familiar material- LEGO. Learners will explore the basics of circuitry- anode, diode, open circuit, closed circuit, inputs, and outputs.

This kit serves 12-24 learners.

To get a better understanding of the suggested activities to be done with this kit, click the view additional image link to the left.

Recommended Audience: Ages 8+
In this kit: 12 Crazy Circuits 101 Student sets, 1 Crazy Circuits 101 Instructor Set.
For a complete list of the materials provided in this kit, please click the view additional file link to the left.