Raspberry Pi Check Availability

Using the materials provided, learners are introduced to the basics of programming at a character level. Guided activity books take learners through the basic components of a computer. Then, they may progress through a series of programming activities related to graphics, sensors and wearables at their own pace.

Recommended Audience: Ages 12 to adult
In this kit: Kit contains 3 Raspberry Pi units which have been configured for use, 3 monitors, and 3 keyboards. Activity guides are also provided. (We recommend 6 learners per kit with learners working in pairs.)
**Previous programming experience is not required to facilitate; however, it is strongly recommended that any persons facilitating work through the activities completely before any workshops are held. Please request to receive the materials at least one full week in advance of any planned activities to provide time for preparation.
If you are interested in borrowing these kits for use, please request PDFs of instructional materials to ensure the activities are a good fit for you and your audience.