Bat Discovery Kit Due 3/19/2020

Did you know that many species of bats are known to live in Texas, including: the big brown bat, the cave myotis, the tri-colored bat, the evening bat, the Mexican free-tailed bat and the southeastern myotis.

With this kit you can: 

  • Explore how bats use echolocation to communicate and navigate their environments
  • Examine and bat, bat skeleton, and bat skull; then compare yourself to a bat in terms of hand anatomy, wingspan/reach, weight, lifespan, dietary needs, and more!
  • Find out how bats can and do play a role in our well-being as you calculate the value of bats to society
  • Read about the habits and habitats of bats and use deductive reasoning to arrive at a short list of bats that live in the area
  • Investigate how WNS, a disease leading to declining bat populations, is transmitted

This kit contains a bat in resin, a bat skeleton and skull, a bat puppet, bat fur, a bat house, and other the materials and activity guides needed to explore the fascinating world of bats. For more information, click on the additional files to the left. 

Suitable for all ages